Surridge & Beecheno provides clients legal assistance on construction contracts, project financing, procurement procedures, regulatory compliance, dispute resolution, drafting and negotiating construction contracts, including design-build agreements, construction management contracts, and engineering procurement contracts, ensuring clarity and protection of clients’ rights and interests. Our team also offers assistance with navigating regulatory requirements, obtaining necessary permits and approvals, and complying with relevant building codes and standards. Our experts represent clients in construction-related disputes, including claims for breach of contract, defects, delays, and payment disputes, through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

The Firm has advised and represented large number of multinational and local engineering contractors in connection with contracts with the Government of Pakistan. Some of those are Mangla Dam Project, where our team has advised Mangla Dam Contractors with the managing partners being Guay F. Atkinson, the construction of link canal in Punjab, Kaisar Engineers and Canal Contractors, both American construction companies, and ED Zublin, a German construction company involved in the construction of Marala Barrage.

Besides these, our team has also advised several multinational contractors during the construction of Tarbela Dam, which includes Cementation, a British construction company of Trafalgar House and Hydro Montaza, a Yugoslavian construction company. We served as the counsel for Daewoo Corporation, a South Korean company, responsible for the construction of the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway Project. In addition to this, we have also advised the Al-Ghurair Group (a prominent Dubai-based group of companies), on the construction of container services at Port Qasim on the Sindh Coast.