Correspondent lawyers all across
Pakistan to conduct matters

The Firm, with its principal office in Karachi, now has four partners and twenty-seven associates and has branch office in Lahore. The Firm also has correspondent lawyers all across Pakistan to conduct matters on the instructions of Surridge & Beecheno.

The Firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation to institutional and individual clients who demand the sophistication and expertise of a large law firm but who can also benefit from the more individualized client services (and cost effectiveness) offered by a specialized practice.

The partners of Surridge & Beecheno have acted as Chairmen and Directors of many companies set up in Pakistan and are active members of the International Bar Association and Inter-Pacific Bar Association and have read papers on different topics in various international conferences. The Firm provides legal services in almost all parts of Pakistan and has trained personnel specializing in different branches of law. The Firm while maintaining its position as the oldest law firm in Pakistan and highest quality of legal services, is committed towards making contributions to the legislative process, assisting courts and tribunals in setting new standards in enforcement prosecution practices. The Firm’s partners have appeared as counsel in many landmark cases and secured decisions by the Supreme Court of Pakistan laying down the law which is followed as precedents.


Admiralty/Maritime Law

Undertaking the overwhelming share of admiralty and shipping litigation being conducted in Pakistan.

Aviation Law

Privileged of drafting the Carriage By Air Act 1966 under the instructions of the Government of Pakistan.

Family & Property

Dissolution of Marriages, Divorce and Khula, Settlement of Matrimonial Issues, Guardian and Wards matters, Custody and adoption of children.

Litigation & ADR

A large number of civil claims including liquidation, mergers, and a variety of civil litigation.

Commercial Law

Advised several multinational and local companies on matters relating to the sale of goods.

Industrial & Labour

Specialized department with number of lawyers who specialize in the Industrial and Labour Laws.

Intellectual Property

We are the oldest firm of Intellectual Property/Trademarks & Patents practitioners in Pakistan.

Insurance Law

The Firm has advised most of the multinational Insurance companies in Pakistan.


– 1948, Established

The Firm was founded in 1948 in Karachi by two British Barristers, Charles Surridge and Peter Beecheno. Both the founding partners had a family history of legal practice in Rangoon (Burma) going back to the middle of the 19th century.

– 1951, 5 fresh new partners

John Fredrick Cambell Gallaher, Richard Francis Spickernell, Bertram Hameraley Bevan Petman, Nicholas James Donald William and Shaikh Mohammad Hassan joined the firm in 1951.

– 1961 , Extended the team!

The firm was reconstituted with Mr. Gallaher, Mr. Hassan, Mr. Spickernell, Mr. Beven-Petman as Active Partners as Mr. Surridge, Mr. Beecheno and Mr. Williams became the sleeping Partners.

  • January 1965

    The team was extended by appointed 3 new partners Abdullah Bhojani, Ehsan Ahmed Nomani and Aftab Ahmed Khan and number of active partners increased to 7 and many associates in 1965.

    Peter Mason Beecheno expired on 11 April 1966, Nicholas James Donald Williams retired on 30 September 1967 and Charles Earnest North Surridge expired on 15 December 1967.

  • January 1968

    – John Fredrick Cambell Gallaher
    – Richard Francis Spickernell
    – Bertram Hameraley Bevan Petman
    – Shaikh Mohammad Hassan
    – Abdullah Bhojani
    – Ehsan Ahmed Nomani
    – Aftab Ahmed Khan

    * Bertram Hameraley Bevan Petman retired on 15 March 1968

  • April 1968

    – John Fredrick Cambell Gallaher
    – Richard Francis Spickernell
    – Shaikh Mohammad Hassan
    – Abdullah Bhojani
    – Ehsan Ahmed Nomani
    – Aftab Ahmed Khan

    * Richard Francis Spickernell retired on 01 October 1970
    * Shaikh Mohammad Hassan expired on 11 December 1970

  • October 1972

    Mr. Aftab Ahmed Khan, Mr. Saleem Akhtar, Mr. Anwar Aly Shareef, Mr. Ismail Tejani and Mr. Ayub Kundi joined the firm and thus the firm consisted of 9 partners.

  • April 1975 – July 1991

    – John Fredrick Cambell Gallaher
    – Abdullah Bhojani
    – Ehsan Ahmed Nomani
    – Aftab Ahmed Khan
    – Anwer Aly Shareef
    – Ismail Tejani
    – Ayub Kundi

    – Saleem Akhtar was elevated as judge of the Sindh High Court in October 1980

    – Mr. Kairas Kabraji Joined the firm on 1st July 1981

    – Mr. Ayub Kundi retired from the firm on 01 January 1988

    * Ismail Tejani retired on 01 July 1989
    * John Fredrick Campbell Gallaher retired on 01 July 1991

  • July 1995

    Mr. Mohammad Naeem, Mr. Salman Talibuddin, Mr. Khalid Anisur Rehman and Mr. Rehan Aquiluddin joined the firm after retirement of Kairas Kabraji on 30th June 1995 and the firm consisted of 8 partners.

    * Abdullah Abdul Rahim Bhojani retired on 01 July 1997
    * Salman Talibuddin retired on 01 February 1997
    * Ehsan Ahmed Nomani retired on 01 July 1999
    * Rehan Aquiluddin expired on 26 September 1999

  • July 2007

    * Mr. Anwar Aly Shareef retired and Mr. Khurram Rashid became the partner.
    * Mr. Khurram Rashid retired from the firm on 30th June 2016 and Mr. Mohammad Naeem retired from the firm.

  • January 2017

    Mr. Aftab Ahmed Khan and Mr. Khalid Anisur Rehman became Senior Partners and following partners were inducted in the firm
    – Mr. Mohammad Ali Seena
    – Dr. Adeel Abid
    – Mr. Tariq Saeed Rana
    – Mr. Ali Murtaza Rehman Thaheem
    – Ms. Asma Hameed